From Exploring to Performing

Instant Composition Workshop Series                    

This Workshop series is designed as an introduction to dance and improvisation technique as well as providing a basis for working creatively in a broader sense.
Starting from basic movement exercises to increase body and group awareness, participants will be led through gradually more complex ways of improvising and making Instant Compositions, creating their own short pieces of dance/performance.

Beginning the day with a warm-up of easy exercises and choreographies that help to increase awareness in the body, students will explore their relationship with space, floor and gravity.
The afternoon class will add to the morning’s foundation work by challenging them with the freedom to create their own particular sequences, developing and exploring a new dance vocabulary. The more complex elements of timing, rhythm, spatial levels, using different body parts are introduced, gradually widening the palette of expression.

Towards the end of the workshop participants will be encouraged to create their first compositional “tryouts”, both in solo and in groups. The aim is to give a framework for individual exploration and expression, rather then looking for a specific form that can only be fulfilled in one way.

It is open for any student who is interested in moving, dancing or exploring new fields of expression. No prior dance experience is needed.