Jim Spastics & Hans Gender:

Lob eines Probanden

In an increasingly fluid surrounding one is often never sure, who is disguising whom, and for what reason? Who is the enemy, the prey, and what becomes background or camouflage itself? In order to be well prepared for constantly changing circumstances, Jim Spastics & Hans Gender test the ultimate manners of camouflage. Under laboratory conditions, ways of disappearing both by adaptation and unabashed attention seeking are being examined.

Lob eines Probanden is an experimental arrangement with running bushes, traditional camouflage or warning colours, meta materials and clusters of existence.

We celebrate camouflage as a fundamental cultural technique of our times, as a game of disappearing or becoming visible.

Concept, direction and performance by: Jim Spastics & Hans Gender

Jim Spastics & Hans Gender is an interdisciplinary performance collective, founded in 2008 in Berlin, that works together in different constellations. Ulrike Bernard, Eva Burghardt, Hannah Georgi, Greta Granderath and Maritta Horwarth are dancers, actors, performers, visual artists, writers, theater scientists and technicians. 

All significant decisions are made democratically. Presently, their basecamp is in the virtual world, as well as Berlin, Hamburg, Innsbruck and Köln. 

Supported by: LOGOS fleetstreet, Augstein Stiftung, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung,
Kulturbehörde Hamburg

Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg / 2014

Photos: Navina Reus, Ulrike Bernard