Shut up and love me

Shut up and love me
Solo Performance

Beginnings are strange things. If I don’t think about it, I know what the start is, but when I do think about it, I don’t. (Peter Sloterdijk)

Dance/Performance: Eva Burghardt
Till Hillbrecht
Stage design:
Flurin Madsen
Peter C. Von Salis
Artistic Assistants:
Antje Velsinger, Mirjam Kleber
Andreas Müller

In her solo „Shut up and love me“, Eva Burghardt dedicates herself to the perfidy of beginnings. The performer dupes the art of dying on stage, spares the middle of the piece and jumps directly to the end, which is very close to the beginning again. She is wrestling with decisions linked to any beginning and entrance. Freedom, determination and loss of control appear to be disparate and yet inseparable forces. The performer challenges her own presence on stage and holds a mirror up to the glittery illusory world called theatre. In a playfull and moving way, she parks herself into the here and now, in which she gets lost, and yet feels miraculously at home at the same time.

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Eva Burghardt is taking up the idea of beginnings as a continious process. Every beginning has already been through many other beginnings. Those “beginnings before the beginnings“ derive from a time before our experiences and memories, and are buried in the depths of our past. It is the perception of nativeness and her interest in the very first beginning that is the driving force in coming closer to understanding the real cause of all things.

Future, past and present are clashing together in the performance. Ironically, by the sudden interruption of the beginning, it becomes apparent that the future is influenced by occurrences of the past and is already irretrievably lost the moment it appears.

This seeming arbitrariness that flashes up in Burghardt´s beginnings highlights an unexpected perspective about artistic freedom. Every moment implies infinite possibilities and shows different directions. Countless decisions wait around every corner and demand to be made. How can one possibly escape these clutter of thoughts? And who is deciding what? And what’s deciding whom? 

Eva Burghardt puts the fiction of her performance under the microscope and is questions the authenticity of shared time spent together- today, here and now.

What is real, even though it is fiction? How mobile is the border between audience and the occurance on stage? 

Burghardt is quoting a glittery illusory world made by theatre until she impalpably finds a way to speak about real beginnings and the actual presence of the moment. 

Supported by: Beatrice and Otto Tschumi Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung

In cooperation with Südpol Luzern, Dampfzentrale Bern and 20. Tanztage Berlin, Sophiensaele / 2010 and 2011

Photos: Barbara Günther-Burghardt, Christian Glaus, Flurin Madsen, Bruce Woolley