Walking Backwards Into The Future

Dance – Performance – Project 
for people between 16 and 96 

During five week-ends we danced, improvised, told stories, wrote poems, painted and rehearsed.

Where do I come from? What has moved and shaped me? Which path did I take? What traces did I leave behind? What would I like to pass on? 
And more importantly, what happens when these different pathways and stories meet, cross each other, or create different layers? What happens when we stop time or even turn it backwards?

New compositional fields and meeting points between chance and determination arise…

Does the future lie before or behind us? 

By and with: Johanna Band, Heike Bohlmann, Barbara Bunte, Ulli Enders, Maryam Gensch, Petra Liegener, Ole Rochol, Heidemarie Rohdewohld, Josephine Saalmann, Katrin Schulz, Michael Steppat, Andreas Wirfler

Concept and choreography: Eva Burghardt

URBANRAUM, Berlin / 2018

Photos: Elma Riza