Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht.

Tanz – Performance – Projekt 
for people between 16 and 96

Pathways appear because you are walking. (Franz Kafka)

During eight sessions we danced, improvised, told stories, wrote poems and rehearsed.

What was my first dance? What important points of change do I remember? Which decisions did I make- from inside or outside? 

On and on we walk, while the path appears in front of us, bringing up new encounters, clashes and meetings….

By and with: Heike Bohlmann, Barbara Bunte, Ulli Enders, Maryam Gensch, Petra Liegener, Sarah Müller, Heidemarie Rohdewohld, Mechtild Römer, Katrin Schulz, Christian Schwanke, Gabriela Steinicke, Michael Steppat, Christoph Wendt, Andreas Wirfler, Klas Yngborn

Concept and choreography: Eva Burghardt

URBANRAUM, Berlin / 2017

Photos: Elma Riza