“Sich im Ungeborgenen geborgen wissen…”

Dance Improvisation – Intensives

This Week Intensive is designed as a research in dance and improvisation technique as well as providing a basis for working creatively in a broader sense.

In the morning we will begin with physical exercises to awaken and open up the body, building a basis from which creative movement can start.  Exploring and deepening our relationship to time, space and energy, connecting to our voice and emotional states of being.
With this sense of presence and listening, we can let the reigns loose and begin the serious business of playing.

With the afternoon class the focus turns to playing. By way of simple exercises and games, new doors of imagination are opened up, giving rise to a more complex way of improvising, having to simultaneously listen to one’s own impulses as well as those of the group.

So far improvisation has mainly been used to discover new elements of moving. Now, the group will start to use improvisation as Instant Composition, as short dance pieces created in the moment. Different layers of composition such as use of space, timing, rhythm, atmosphere, dramaturgy and story will be explored.

All through this will be the important experience of watching and being watched, of listening and being listened to. This not only provides insight into the different perspectives of dancer and audience but also reflects the kind of dual-awareness that is required in all performance; one is never only doing; never only receiving, but rather in constant flux between the two.